Borderline -leva med en diagnos


my innocence
Do you remember what u did
Do you know just what you've missed?
Do you care about what I have to say?

You took my innocence away and I never had a chance to take it back.
You broke me in with your mistakes.

It could be your blood running through all my vains
That ties me to your fate
If I could just close my eyes
I'd blackout all the reasons why.

You should have tried to make it stop
I guess you couldn't find a way to let me learn.

Lonelyness has filled my soul
And it kreeps inside
It takes control
And I don't know how to begin giving up on everything

My innocence,
You took my innocence away.

I've got time to watch myself spin around in circles
Falling through the cracks inside my mind
That's fine
I've been through the darkest hour because of you.
You took my innocence away.


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