Borderline -leva med en diagnos


amigos para sempre

I don´t have to say a word to you
You seem to know whatever mood I´m going through
Feel as I´ve known you forever

You can look into my eyes and see
The way I feel and how the words is treating me
I have known you forever

Amigos para sempre means you´ll always be my friend
Amigos para sempre means a love that cannot end
Friends for life
not just a summer or a spring
I feel you near me even when we are apart
Just knowing you are in this world can warm my heart
Amigos para sempre

We share memories I won´t forget
And we´ll share more my friend we haven´t started yet

Something happens when we´re togheter

When I look at you I wonder why there has to come a time when we must say goodbye
I´m alive when we are togheter so why say goodbye?

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